Export Compliance

Safran Vectronix AG is committed to 100% export compliance. This includes a commitment to the highest standards in international business ethics. Safran Vectronix AG follows a consistent and strict policy of export control every time. Based on the recognition of its own highest due responsibility before the law, Safran Vectronix AG is committed to the following:

  • Safran Vectronix AG undertakes every possible action to ensure that the products and technologies are not misused.
  • All products under consideration are officially classified by the official Swiss Authority, the SECO.
  • Safran Vectronix AG actively supports a policy of non-proliferation which has priority over commercial interest.
  • In order to ascertain which countries and entities should be regarded as sensitive for the purpose of this policy, Safran Vectronix AG also maintains contact with the responsible agencies. Safran Vectronix AG strictly follows the Swiss embargo list from the SECO.
  • Safran Vectronix AG confirms that none of the goods will be used for chemical, biological or nuclear weapons or missiles capable of delivering such weapons, nor will they be resold if it is known or suspected that they are intended or likely to be used for such purposes.

For further information please contact Safran Vectronix AG under vectronix@safrangroup.com