Device Assembly

Take responsibility for the highest quality in production

Assembly of our devices and modules requires the highest precision and concentration. That’s why we don’t have assembly line work with repetitive, identical work steps. On the contrary, each of our device and module assemblers have their own workstation. There they assemble the device with individual parts and assemblies. Our products require the will to acquire expertise. Depending on the product segment, the job requires different skills, from precision mechanics, bonding and soldering to optics assembly incl. computer-aided adjustments.


At the same time, a lot of attention and patience is required, because assembly at our company is not a matter of minutes. Our employees are also responsible for the device calibration. They carry out various tests. To do this, the technicians have special work areas with a range of test equipment at their disposal. Operationally responsible for the individual assembly areas are the shop floor managers. Together with their teams, they ensure that the customer receives impeccable products upon delivery.

As an assembler you are responsible for these or similar operations

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Flexi time also for assembly employees
Participation in the company’s success for all employees
Numerous further training opportunities

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Cansin, Universal assembler in fiber-laser optics assembly

Cansin - Safran Vectronix Gerätemontage

«I applied to Safran Vectronix because I am very interested in the advanced technology used in our highly complex products.»

I have been working in the fiber optic laser module assembly since 2017. At the same time, I support the optics assembly. I applied to Safran Vectronix because I am very interested in the advanced technology used in our highly complex products. And now I am working with really very technical products every day. Assembly requires very precise work, because the end product has to be perfect. In particular, with the optics that I assemble, a very good eye is needed to detect small defects in the glass or prisms. Undetected, they would possibly cause incorrect measurements in the field.


Since we don’t have line assembly, where you always perform one small and often always the same work step, I am totally responsible for the final product. This means that I assemble it and then carry out all necessary calibrations. At the moment, I’m completing a part-time training course to become an automation technician as part of my adult education program. Safran Vectronix contributes to the school costs and gives me additional paid vacation days for school hours. Both of these things make this step much easier for me. In addition, the flexi time model also helps me, because it means I can work full time and still schedule enough time for study.