Hardware Engineering

Develop the optimal plan

The interaction of the various electronic components in our devices is complex. The requirements for robustness, durability and – in many respects – trouble-free electronics are extremely high. Our products must function reliably in any kind of application. To ensure that this is the case, our hardware engineers are always looking for new approaches. They compare the components available on the market with each other, evaluate them and ultimately select the solution that is most suitable for meeting the defined customer requirement. Only in this way can we provide our customers with the best solution on the market at an optimal price. Finally, all components must be integrated into our devices in a small space but still with a lot of performance, in line with the SWaPC approach: with Size, Weight and Performance, Costs as criteria.

As a hardware engineer, you will work on these or similar projects

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40 hour week
Participation in the company’s success for all employees
Attractive number of vacation days

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Irina, Electronics Engineer

Irina ist Hardware-Ingenieurin bei Safran Vectronix

I work as an electronics engineer in hardware development. This has only been the case since 2020, but I have known Safran Vectronix as an employer for quite a long time: I completed my fourth year of apprenticeship as an electronics technician here. After some time, I have now returned to the company. Since joining the Research & Development team, I’m happy to get a taste of the real world again.

«What I particularly like is the atmosphere within the team. We work in a very family-like environment.»

I work with electronic components and measuring instruments every day. In this respect, as in many other areas, in research and development, a state-of-the-art workplace is simply part of the job. Some of my tasks, for example, are evaluating components, comparing battery types for our devices, developing circuit diagrams or testing components so that they can be integrated without any problems. Hardware-related software projects, such as controlling an Arduino, are also part of my work. I can support the entire development process of a product with my know-how. This is what makes my work very exciting and versatile. In addition, I completed an Altium course directly after my “re-entry” at Safran Vectronix. This allowed me to deepen my knowledge in electronics design “layouts”.