«At Safran Vectronix, I have been encouraged and challenged for many years.»

Teamlead Intra-Logistic

Teamleiterin Intra-Logistik

My career at Safran Vectronix certainly shows very well how you can develop and change in our company if you bring along the necessary motivation. Let me put it this way: How does a trained tailor and hotel specialist end up in the intralogistics department of a company? The overlap is almost zero. But at least I had some connection to the defense industry due to family ties before I joined Safran Vectronix.


When I first started with the company, I worked as a temporary employee in our MOSKITO and PLRF assembly. Over time, I had acquired so much knowledge that I was able to temporarily support our technical project managers as an assistant. In 2014, I then moved to the Intralogistics department. At the same time, I started training as a logistics specialist so that I could also have a say in technical matters. Today I am team leader of the Intralogistics department. Some time ago, I started training to become a management graduate with a certificate of proficiency, which I will soon complete.


At Safran Vectronix, I have been encouraged and challenged for many years. My tasks include, for example, optimizing our internal goods processes. I also take care of the implementation of our shop floor management in intralogistics. Ultimately, I make sure that our customers receive everything as they expect it when they officially accept the product.