«I’m a product manager with a passion and I love taking ideas forward and designing products.»

Bettina, Product Manager Ultisense Modules

Since March 2019, I have been working as product manager Ultisense. Under Ultisense, we market our distance measurement modules and digital compass modules for B2B (business-to-business) customers. They in turn integrate the modules into a larger system.


I’m a passionate product manager and I love taking ideas forward and designing products that meet the needs of customers. I also think it’s great that as a PM you have to deal with all departments in the company: with sales, with development, with customers, with marketing, with production. That means it’s never boring and you get a lot of different insights. In the end, you have to somehow bring everything back “under one hat”.


I started with a business degree and after graduation I helped a dental company to build up the Eastern European market. After a few years in sales, I switched to product management. There I was able to develop the products that I was always missing in sales. Finally, I landed in the electronics industry, where I was in charge of various product groups for many years. In 2018/19, I finally wanted to bring my knowledge up to date again and completed the postgraduate course in Innovation Management in Krems (Austria). This was because, as a PM, I felt that markets and market developments are becoming less and less predictable. I also wanted to learn about the latest ideas on how to make future product developments more flexible.


I applied to Safran Vectronix because I found it exciting to manage B2B products. Before that, I only dealt with B2C (business-to-consumer) products.  I was also attracted by the fact that Safran products are not just about “electronics”, but about “high-tech” electronics at their best, which are built into highly complex systems. I also found it exciting that the module area is still under construction and that I can therefore contribute many ideas. Coupled with a great team in which I am allowed to work very independently.


After a hard day, you also need to relax: For me, the best way to do that is to play the clarinet. When I play music at home in the evening, I can forget the whole day and the time. Also, the regular music rehearsals in my band and the subsequent going out, let problems that were still very big at work suddenly become very small.