«I made an unsolicited application to Safran Vectronix because we are known in the region as a very good employer.»

Michelle, Operational Buyer

I joined Safran Vectronix in May 2022 as an Operational Buyer. I am relatively fresh out of college and have also recently successfully completed business school. I spent my first year working as a buyer for solar modules and converters at another company. So I have already dealt with technical products.


I grew up in the area, and you hear a lot about regional employers. And I only heard good things about Safran Vectronix. So I just took the initiative and applied – and there you go: now I’m in!


I like the wide range of tasks and the working atmosphere. I can rely on my colleagues, they support me at all times and pass on their knowledge. And it’s great to get recognition for what I do. As a buyer, I’m at the very beginning of the value chain and make sure that the parts we need for our production actually arrive. Because otherwise things quickly come to a standstill. Of course, this requires a good relationship with the suppliers, because we are both dependent on each other. But dealing with people suits me.