«I have found an almost unbeatable combination at Safran Vectronix: a rich spectrum of activities, an appealing group of colleagues and technically top-class products.»  

Max P., Laser Engineer

I have been employed as a (fiber) laser engineer at Safran Vectronix AG since December 2020. Our fiber lasers are a special technology that only a few companies have mastered. Purely formally, I am a trained quantum optician. After my studies, I earned a doctorate at the University of Innsbruck. By the way, the topic of my PhD thesis was “Non-classical states of light generated by semiconductor quantum dots”.


I started my working life as a Specialist Optical Technologies at Zumtobel AG.  There, in addition to the technical aspects of lighting design, I dealt a lot with the interaction between people and light. However, the foundation for my career was laid by my father. He had an advertising agency with its own darkroom for photo processing. This influenced me early on for the topics of optics, photography and perception. The fact that he was also an enthusiastic technician probably also played a role in my choice of career.


Bringing my rather specific qualifications to the job significantly restricts the possible choice of employers. Nevertheless, I naturally made a conscious decision to work for Safran Vectronix. The clear focus on quality excited me and still excites me. I have found at Safran Vectronix a rich spectrum of activities, an appealing group of colleagues and technically top-class products – a combination that is hard to beat in my opinion. In addition, there is the understanding that an excellent product depends on good base materials, clean processes and, last but not least, satisfied employees.


An added bonus is my managers’ consideration for me as a person. This may sound like a detail, but it means a lot to me to be able to put my son to bed at night and take him to daycare in the morning. Personally, I am a tinkerer, and have some pretty “nerdy” hobbies. But you can also go hiking, biking or surfing with me quite well!